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Couples Therapy

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who want to give other people — even total strangers — advice about their intimate relationships, and rocks. If you are not a rock, you will love Couples Therapy.

I found myself humbled by the realness and thoughtfulness on the other side of my screen. . . . Lily and Matthew . . . are smart improvisers and powerful listeners . . . . They’re offering a delicious format that is guaranteed to give the participant a rich experience, an experience of connection, an experience of grappling, and just maybe, a moment of transformation. –No Proscenium



Lily Kerrigan is a fresh new face for me, but this young actress has reserves of steel that keep surfacing. –DC Metro Theater Arts

Kerrigan does a wonderful job giving [Greta] her fierce internal conflict: a combination of deep love and devotion to her brother and endless weariness at having to care for him and feed him and clean up after him. –DC Metro Theater Arts

[A] highlight in the cast is the multi-hyphenate Lily Kerrigan as Gregor’s sister Greta. Showing a knack for physical theater, Kerrigan makes the often absurd gestures and motions required of her seem natural. –Broadway World


Richard III

Delivering in the upward of half a dozen characters, Lily Kerrigan exemplifies herself as a versatile performer. Playing a series of men and women, Kerrigan hones in on near-perfect performances for each delivery. Her portrayal of young Richard, Duke of York is brilliant; a petulant and ornery youth with stinging quips upon the lips poised and punctuated to mock both her character’s brother and her bloody tyrant uncle. Even as Murderer #2, Kerrigan shows a flexibility in her delivery; a savage yet frightened fellow with an edge of uncertainty hovering on the periphery of every line delivered. –DC Metro Theater Arts


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