Lily Kerrigan is a fresh new face for me, but this young actress has reserves of steel that keep surfacing. –DC Metro Theater Arts

Kerrigan does a wonderful job giving [Greta] her fierce internal conflict: a combination of deep love and devotion to her brother and endless weariness at having to care for him and feed him and clean up after him. –DC Metro Theater Arts

[A] highlight in the cast is the multi-hyphenate Lily Kerrigan as Gregor’s sister Greta. Showing a knack for physical theater, Kerrigan makes the often absurd gestures and motions required of her seem natural. –Broadway World

[A] lovely ingénue . . . –Washington Jewish Week



Richard III

Delivering in the upward of half a dozen characters, Lily Kerrigan exemplifies herself as a versatile performer. Playing a series of men and women, Kerrigan hones in on near-perfect performances for each delivery. Her portrayal of young Richard, Duke of York is brilliant; a petulant and ornery youth with stinging quips upon the lips poised and punctuated to mock both her character’s brother and her bloody tyrant uncle. Even as Murderer #2, Kerrigan shows a flexibility in her delivery; a savage yet frightened fellow with an edge of uncertainty hovering on the periphery of every line delivered. –DC Metro Theater Arts




Kerrigan was perfect as the naïve and confused Alice, always baffled by what she is experiencing in Wonderland. She exposed the purity and open-mindedness one would need to take that crazy series of events in stride as she did. That said, Kerrigan was also able to show her forceful side as she commandingly asserted herself as a queen towards the end of the production. –DC Metro Theater Arts

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